Innovating Together, Apart - The New Normal of Crowdsourcing

Innovation in the New World – How Crowdsourcing Ideas Can Help

It feels like everything is changing! The way we do anything in work is now subject to re-assessment and re-organisation in a world where much less social contact and face-to-face working will be the norm. So…how will the new world order impact on our ability to be productive in some of the most vital business competencies.

In the case of innovation, the last 20 years or so has seen the case for more collaboration put forward energetically by industry leaders, academics, governments, and consultants. More collaboration is seen as a route to more cross-fertilisation of ideas, and more synergy from complimentary know-how and capabilities. These in turn, it is argued, will result in more, bigger, and better ideas reaching fruition faster and more profitably.

During this webinar we will explore how technology-enabled crowdsourcing might enable, and perhaps even accelerate, the adoption of effective collaboration for more successful innovation.

The webinar will take the form of a discussion between Dave Kerr, CTO of smartcrowds – an innovation management software platform – Dr Elaine Marley, Head of R&D with global food testing company R Biopharm, and innovation consultant Graeme Crombie of Matrix.

During the session Elaine and Graeme will describe the process followed during a pre-Covid strategic innovation project concerning automation for large testing laboratories. This discussion will highlight key features of the process from initial identification and highlight some critical success factors on the way. The project required collaboration amongst a range of stakeholders located all over the world, and input from customers, subject matter experts, and technology suppliers at a number of stages on the way.

The session will then focus on the challenges of delivering a similar outcome in the post-Covid world and how technology enabled crowdsourcing of ideas and collaborative development can add real value. The group will discuss both technology and organisation/behavioural dimensions for success with innovation in a much more distributed workplace.

The webinar will be of interest for anyone who is interested in improving and adapting their innovation methods to suit the emerging remote way of working.

Centre for Engineering Education and Development

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DateJul 22, 2020
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