Innovating Inside the Box - an introduction to the TRIZ problem solving methodology

Innovating Inside the Box In modern business we are encouraged to “think out of the box”, meaning ignore the constraints that prevent us from solving difficult problems. But, no matter how far out of the box we go, the constraints are still there, and we need to confront them. This presentation will introduce the most powerful methodology for solving highly constrained problems – TRIZ (a Russian acronym usually translated as The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.)

Particularly useful for engineering problems, TRIZ consists of a set of tools to define a problem, identify the approaches most likely to succeed, and stimulate creative thinking to find potential solutions. Unlike other techniques such as brainstorming, TRIZ stays firmly rooted within the constraints that bind us and the resources that are readily available, while still encouraging creative solutions.

With over 20 years of experience of problem-solving, both technical and non-technical, Dr Billy Grierson blends TRIZ with other, less structured, approaches to find the optimum solutions to technical and commercial problems.

The Facilitator - Dr. Billy Grierson

Billy spent more than 30 years in the chemical industry. Working globally for Ciba and BASF, and with external contacts such as P&G, Beiersdorf, Lawter, Akzo-Nobel, Sun Chemical and other ink makers, Sopheon and Leeds University, he has developed an understanding of how companies fail to innovate and what tools and techniques can be used to improve their success rate. These tools have been applied successfully across a wide range of industries (Chemical, Engineering, Water Treatment, Construction, Electronics, Oil and Gas). He is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) accredited by the PMI.

Billy now has a consultancy called Perth Innovation. He blends his innovation experience with pragmatic project management skills, to support companies in finding solutions to problems, and in successfully implementing those solutions.

Centre for Engineering Education and Development

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DateJul 21, 2020
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